When our staff at Moore & Associates conducts a cost segregation study, we work to identify, separate and reclassify costs that are related to your building, renovating or expansion projects and shorten the standard depreciation period to provide you with more immediate tax savings.

Our staff has knowledge of the most recent IRS rulings and procedures and can help you secure significant tax savings for your building or property. At Moore & Associates, we perform a cost segregation analysis and prepare a formal cost segregation report.

These services will lead to cost segregation benefits for your business that include:

  • Larger tax deductions
  • A shorter depreciation period than the standard 39 years for commercial buildings and 27½ years for residential property.
  • Increased cash flow
  • Enhanced competitive edge

If you are constructing or purchasing a new building, renovating or expanding your current facility or making renovations to a leased property, contact Moore & Associates today and let us help you conduct a cost segregation study.

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