The staff at Moore & Associates is equipped to help you navigate the challenges associated with a number of different business transactions you may encounter. We recognize that each transaction is unique to the companies, industries and business owners and will provide customized solutions for your situation, whether it’s a business sale, merger or recapitalization.

We prepare a strategy that is based on your future goals, the vision you have for your company and the values that you possess as a business owner. We use that data to craft a plan that will take you all the way through the negotiation process to the day you sign the contract. Once the deal is don, our staff is available to help you make a smooth transition set up firm operations that meet your standards.

Our transaction advisory services include:

  • Shareholder buy-ins and redemptions
  • Business recapitalization
  • First-time buyer services including entity selection, tax registration, accounting software selection and setup, and procedure development
  • Identification and evaluation of acquisition targets
  • Financial and operational due diligence
  • Back-end structuring of transaction
  • Merger negotiation and planning
  • Tax analysis of potential deals
  • Assistance with securing necessary financing
  • Operational and business integration

Who We Are:

Moore & Associates is focused on providing superior year-round accounting services for businesses as well as individuals. The rapid delivery of accurate and professional results to our clients will remain our hallmark.

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