Fraud is obviously a very scary word for business owner. If you suspect that your company is the victim of fraud, you’ll need a knowledgeable accounting staff that is ready to analyze your case and provide immediate solutions to your issues.

At Moore & Associates, we can work with you to navigate the various complexities that come with any fraud case or assist you in protecting your financial assets before a fraud case can even occur.

Our staff will investigate your fraud claims and compile all the financial evidence you will need to produce a thorough report of credible and accurate findings. We can help examine the evidence of your case and determine the correct amount of damages you deserve.

The fraud protection series we can offer you business don’t stop there. We can also help you develop a fraud prevention plan that will protect your company before a threat to your business even happens. We will help you design an accurate series of controls and procedures that will help to significantly reduce the chances that your business will fall victim to fraud.

We will take the knowledge we have regarding corporate fraud prevention and assist your company’s financial loss and prevention staff in crafting a fraud prevention strategy that is designed for your business.

Our fraud and forensic accounting services include:

  • Investigations of suspected fraud
  • Reconstruction of financial records
  • Analysis of your economic damages and insurance claims
  • Post-investigation process and control review
  • Design of IT controls
  • Litigation support
  • Fraud prevention programs
  • Code of Ethics assessment and development
  • Fraud Hotline evaluation and testing

Who We Are:

Moore & Associates is focused on providing superior year-round accounting services for businesses as well as individuals. The rapid delivery of accurate and professional results to our clients will remain our hallmark.

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