When business litigation matters such as contracts, disputes with other companies, liability situations, or dealings with partners or shareholders threaten your business productivity and success, let our staff at Moore & Associates help you keep your business on track and handle your issues efficiently.

The financial impact of business litigation disputes and the economic damages of each case is different for each business depending on the specifics of the issue. Our staff will help you research and quantify those expected impacts so we can provide you with the support that your individual case deserves.

We will work with your attorneys to measure these impacts and develop an effective and efficient plan to we can produce the successful outcome to the case that you deserve.

Our business litigation services include:

  • Determing the financial aspects of the case
  • Assisting with document requests and reviews as well as requests for further information
  • Helping to prepare a deposition of the opposition’s experts as well as a rebuttal of all reports
  • Compiling trial exhibits and courtroom presentations
  • Preparing the series of questions that will lead to expert witness testimony

Who We Are:

Moore & Associates is focused on providing superior year-round accounting services for businesses as well as individuals. The rapid delivery of accurate and professional results to our clients will remain our hallmark.

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